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Nya favoritkanalen för oss anglofiler!

Inlägg av Embla Sue Panova den 18 december 2012 i

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Hemma hos oss kör vi comhem-paketet 8 favoriter. Eftersom jag har inställningen att man kan ha hur många kanaler som helst och ändå inte hitta nåt att se var det med en höft de där kanalerna valdes ut. Som den lilla brittälskare jag är följde BBC Lifestyle och BBC Entertainment med. Jag har varit allt annat än besviken på just de två valen, och haft många sällskap av både Alan Carr, folket i Come Dine With Me och Graham Northon. Det som oroar mig nu är bara att BBC Entertainment tänker satsa stort på komedi under 2013 – allting under lovande namnet Delightfully Awkward British Comedy. Jag ser nämligen framför mig hur hela mitt sociala liv skrumpnar som ett russin.

I en pressrelease släpper kanalen A-Z of British Comedy – en ordlista över vad som komma skall. Den 7:e januari är det alltså följande smörgårdbord som dukas upp.

A is, of course, for Awkwardness. Along with embarrassment and fortitude, one of the three Great British virtues, and arguably the greatest. Empires come and go, but awkwardness is forever.

B is for David Brent. Ricky Gervais’ monstrous creation from BBC’s The Office has been a hit worldwide, and has introduced a new generation to British awkwardness.

C is for Class. British society is organised by social class – upper, middle, and working, allowing for maximum social awkwardness for everybody. Awkwardness is nothing if not democratic.

D is for Mr. Darcy. The greatest romantic hero in English literature spends most of Pride and Prejudice being unbearably awkward, because he’s too uptight to come clean about his past.

E is for Etiquette. Only the British would have a posh term for “Manners”, thus increasing the possibility of getting it wrong. Also “Embarrassment”; still a major driving force in the UK economy.

F is for Fawlty Towers. Still arguably the greatest study of the British psyche ever made. John Cleese’s Basil Fawlty is awkward, snobbish, fawning and resentful.

G is for Gaffe. A gaffe is an unforgivable mistake made in public. Perhaps not entirely accidentally, the British slang term for “Boss” or “Manager” – is “Gaffer”.

H is for Hugh Grant. To many foreigners, the quintessential awkward Englishman, who manages to combine winsome foppishness with social awkwardness of the first order.

I is for The Inbetweeners. BBC Entertainment British comedy series about four teenage boys trying to lose their virginity. Like most of the best awkward British sitcoms, it can almost be mistaken for a documentary.

J is for Bridget Jones. One of the finest comic creations of the last 20 years, Bridget is a person trapped by her own awkwardness and doubt . Or, to put it another way, she is “British”.

K is for Kenneth Williams. Comic, and star of the Carry On… series of comedy films. Williams elevated awkwardness, snobbishness and prudery to art forms. The British loved him for it.

L is for Lip, Stiff Upper. The Stiff Upper Lip has been, for centuries, the most prized British quality: if you can control your upper lip, you can control any situation. Or so they say.

M is for Miranda. The UK’s poster-girl for uniquely British awkwardness, she has stumbled her way into the hearts of millions. Also Morrissey, the UK’s premiere chronicler of awkwardness in song.

N is for Norwich, the home of Alan Partridge, Steve Coogan’s gaffe-prone radio celebrity. Despite being a comic creation, Alan is arguably not too dissimilar from many actual broadcasters in the UK.

O is for “One”. Personal pronoun, used instead of “I” for further awkwardness. “One’s trousers have fallen down in public”, etc. Most notably used by Royalty.

P is for Peep Show. BBC Entertainment British sitcom in which the terrible thoughts of the two main characters, Mark and Jeremy, can be heard. They make for squirmingly hilarious listening.

Q is for “Qs” as in “Ps and Qs” – polite slang for “Please” and “Thank You”. Also “Queueing”, an activity the average Briton will spend up to a third of his or her life doing.

R is for Royalty. Unsurprisingly for an awkward, eccentric nation, the British have chosen a family of awkward eccentrics as their rulers. Special mention must go to Prince Philip, who has made the gaffe his own.

S is for Sex, as in “No Sex Please, we’re British”.
T is for Toilet humour. Britons like to pretend they don’t find bodily functions amusing, but they do,
and always have, from at least the time of Chaucer.

T is for Toilet humour. Britons like to pretend they don’t find bodily functions amusing, but they do, and always have, from at least the time of Chaucer.

U is for Underwear. A constant in British Humour, from the Carry On films to Bridget Jones’ big pants. To be seen in one’s underwear is worse than being nude, as the underwear may not have been bought at Marks and Spencers.

V is for Queen Victoria. For many Britons, the unattainable embodiment of the values to which all Britons aspire – fortitude, composure, and not being amused.

W is for P. G. Wodehouse. British comic writer who summed up the thick skins (and thick brains) of the English upper-class. His posh characters tend to be immune to embarrassment as they’re so stupid.

X is for X Factor. The UK talent contest dedicates its early rounds almost exclusively to the embarrassing, awkward and downright peculiar. Unsurprisingly, a runaway success in Britain.

Y is for “Yellow”, the song that propelled the current-biggest awkward British band in the world, Coldplay, to fame. The song is about awkwardness, sung in an awkward style.

Z is for Zaniness. The antithesis of awkwardness, and just as much a part of the British character. For every 1000 repressed Brits, there’ll be one dazzling – or annoying – eccentric.

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